Thursday, 1 April 2010

R U Ready

The photo challenge on SCS this week was R.
R for robin, of course. And wouldn't you know it, from yesterday the robins stopped appearing together on the patio. The presumed male comes on his own, eats his worms and then flies off into the trees with a beak full. And you're really meant to upload photos taken after the challenge is set, so I had to make do with this...

R is also for ribbons. I am not good on ribbon storage. Spools are fine, they stack on the supporting girder in the attic. But loose ribbon just goes in bags if it's a good length - one for organza, one for grosgrain and one for miscellaneous. And then there's a big box full of shorter scraps. And a very select few wide ones that manage to stay tidily rolled up.

R is also for ruffled - these little mushrooms were growing in the (wet) grass yesterday. It was so soggy that I couldn't kneel down to get a proper photo - I was on my way home from work at the time.

I hung up a sunflower seed feeder to try this week. Either I will have to take it down or just put very few seeds in it, because yesterday there was enormous wastage. I swept a lot up and picked out the good seeds yesterday, but then the wind got up and blew the next spillage all over everywhere. It has attracted this greenfinch on a more regular basis, though, so I'd like to keep it. He's always come now and again, but we've both seen much more of him this week.

April already - where does the time go! Time to make sure all my March photos are copied to the PC, and delete all the junk ones. That's going to be some task, with all the bird ones from my Dad's, and the visit to Clare.


  1. You R very good at these challenges. Even solo, your robin is a treat to see. I've just come from our window where I saw our bluebirds - they're making a nest in the box. But there's a very nosy squirrel that keeps hanging around. I hope he doesn't scare them off. We can't keep sunflower seeds because of the squirrels. There are just too many of them. I think we'll be starting to relocate them soon! (Doesn't ribbon just seem to multiply on it's own!)

  2. Your ribbon collection is something else! You should customize some clothes with it or make jewellry! :)