Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Flowers, with a hint of the East

A welcome day off, and as it was warm and sunny, if somewhat windy, I took my new tripod on a trip to Farmleigh. The walled garden was full of all sorts of tulips. One of the gardeners I was talking to was saying how strange it was that some orange (think Montbretia colour) tulips went so well with the pink ones that they were planted with. She said more pink ones were due out at the back of the bed, and the alliums were in bud which will be purple, and something blue was just budding. But she was right - the orange looked great in there.


One not-so-hidden red tulip in a sea of daffodils, narcissi and anemones.

Here's my hint of the East - all these photos make me think of Japan.

Lots of little ducklings, too. I was regretting not having the video option on my point and shoot, but thinking that C would be able to use it. Which he would - if he hadn't forgotten it. He said he saw one little duckling chick raiding stuff from the swan's nest to nibble on.


  1. Sabrina, these are all gorgeous! I love the orange tulips.

  2. I love tulips. Unfortunately, so do the deer so we don't have them exept for a few I've hidden in the fenced in garden. Those pink ones look like porcelain in that setting. We've been having cherry blossom showers yesterday and today. It looks so pretty and leaves a beautiful carpet under the trees. Looks like yours are still pretty strong. I see the Asian influence in those last photos - great eye!