Sunday, 15 September 2019

More autumn colour

A quick look at the forecast and Saturday promised to be a lovely sunny morning - at least as far as current weather conditions go. So we set an alarm, got up in good time and took a visit to the Botanic Gardens.  Disappointed in the sculptures compared to previous years, but that wasn't why we had gone - we certainly enjoyed the rich colours and the warm sunshine. Today, in stark contrast, has been grey and drizzle or downright rain all day. We're glad of our dose of sunshine yesterday.

The bracket fungus looks like the porch for a little fairy house, I thought. And C thought the colchicums were so pristine that they were one of the sculptures.

Saturday, 7 September 2019

Autumn Colour

We've had a prolific "crop" of Chinese Lanterns this year. I've started picking them and bringing them in.  It was hard to find anywhere to put the vase to take a photo - it's actually in the window, but that made them backlit. C was trimming back some of the hedges today, so I stuck in a couple of branches of hawthorn berries too.

Sunday, 1 September 2019

August Favourites

Quite a lot of my favourite cards for August are Christmas cards, as I focussed on getting back on target with my monthly quota, which had lapsed ever since I had the flu back in the early Spring.
Since we're into autumn - noticeably chillier mornings and longer evenings here, I'm going to include a couple of them in my picks for the month...
Now I just have to find that mislaid "Silent Night" stamp!

This month's header photo was taken in the Botanic Gardens last September - so I had plenty of choice.

Thursday, 29 August 2019

Seen Around Town

I spotted this utility box art a couple of weeks back, when I was walking to get the coach down to Cork. It used to be much more of an abstract pop-art design. This new one is much more appropriate, as it's outside Smock Alley Theatre,  converted from a 19th-century church building, incorporating structural material from an 18th-century theatre building, and built on the site of the 17th century Theatre Royal, Dublin.

This is the mural that used to be on the side wall of a building I often pass on the way to work,
there are a few photos of it as a work in progress in THIS post from last year. 

Since the new Roe & Co microdistillery opened in the old Guinness power plant building, it's been replaced with this bird's eye view of Dublin.

You can see the Pigeon Chimneys on the left - the photo below shows them from the ferry as we left Dublin this summer. The building under them is the new distillery. I assume the river is the Liffey running through. The tall building is St. Patrick's Tower, as shown in THIS post

Sunday, 25 August 2019

Fota Arboretum

C was away for some days - he left on a Friday morning, so that afternoon after work I got the bus down to Cork and spent the night with my sister - we had planned an outing to Fota Arboretum. We did have a couple of showers, but nothing that we couldn't shelter from under the trees. It was a lovely day out.

Here's a link to the album with most of the photos I took, I'm just uploading a select few here. We visited the formal gardens first. Not so formal now as they would have been in their heyday, there were four patches of wildflower meadow set into the lawns.
I was totally fascinated by the way the fronds of the cryptomeria seemed to start out almost fused, looking like a sponge or a coral, and then opened up.

Saturday, 3 August 2019

Cottage Garden

Just a couple of snaps from my aunt's garden last weekend - Sunday was beautiful, and we sat outside much of the afternoon. The passionfruit and rose make a canopy over the kitchen window.

Thursday, 1 August 2019

July Favourites

We were away two weekends in June - which did give me a chance to do an initial cull of holiday photos, but without my familiar editing program (GIMP), I didn't get to upload any holiday photos yet. I didn't make a lot of cards either - some days it was just too hot. But there was a plethora of birthday cards, including a couple of commissions in work.
Ethan's grandmother told me that he likes trains, bumblebees and the alphabet (he's going to be 3). This is what he calls a one-light train - a fast one. I think he spends a lot of time at the local train station, where they have both intercity and local commuter trains.

This month's header is a photo taken one evening last August in the park. 

Monday, 1 July 2019

June Favourites....

Just a couple, as we were away for most of the month.

We had to leave a couple of days earlier than planned due to a problem with the ferry. I met C at work after lunch on a Thursday and we headed to the port. It was only about five in the afternoon when these photos were taken - a very cloudy, overcast day. But we hadn't sailed from Dublin before, and enjoyed the unusual views of the city.

It was a somewhat rough crossing, so the captain was unable to make up for the late departure. This was compounded by the fact that he had a call from the French coastguard asking him to detour and check whether a yacht was in trouble or not. So we were quite late docking in Cherbourg, and had rain for the first half of the drive down. We couldn't afford to stop much, as we needed to get to our campsite before the barrier closed - we just about got the tent up before sunset at about ten o'clock.

I'll be back (soon, I hope) with more pictures. Our first stop was Blaye citadel , a 17th c. fortress overlooking the Gironde estuary. The campsite is located within the ramparts. We'd stayed there for a very quick overnight stop a couple of years ago, and had been looking forward to having more time (and better weather) to enjoy the atmospheric setting.