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Saturday, 5 March 2016

Switzerland part 4

We had a snack lunch, and then got a small local train back to Neuch√Ętel, which meant that C had recovered enough energy to walk around the town again. I had loved the mail box when we'd seen it on a night-time walk on Friday night, and was glad I remembered where to find it. I was thinking I could have used the window display in a Bernina shop for Clare's "inspiration" prompt in January!

cellar access, I presume!

church roof

Thursday, 3 March 2016

Switzerland part 3

More photos from Auvernier...

Take something, leave something

This goes with the photo of the house underneath: Unique in the Neuch√Ętel vineyards, the "Square House" stands out because of it's silhouette. It was built in 1805 by Henri and Frederic Brandt... The roof reminds me of a Chinese building near Parc Monceau in Paris... I'll add a photo at the end of this post, since I haven't previously uploaded one.

And the Pagoda Paris:  we regularly go to the Monceau area, so I was surprised that we had never seen it before out last trip to Paris.

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Switzerland part 2

We walked along Lake Neuchatel from the town to the next small town - about a 5 km walk. It was quite windy but not too cold, and we enjoyed out. Auvernier was very picturesque - and very wine-oreiented. We passed several playgrounds and barbecue areas, I'm sure in summer it must be much busier than on a cold January day.

Monday, 29 February 2016

Switzerland part 1

Finally, sneaking in just before February ends, I edited some of my Swiss photos while on the phone to my dad. A 54 minute conversation left me with enough for several blog posts this week!

We landed in Mulhouse which is actually in Northern France, but one of the airport exits takes you into German-speaking Switzerland; we got a bus into Basel where we took a train to Neuchatel - this is the front of the train station, and the little bread man was in the cafe where we bought sandwiches. Since we landed in Geneva last time, which is French-speaking, I found it much more challenging to try to get by with my very minimal German...

Murals in the station 

Old signal box, I guess, in one of the branch-line stations we stopped in.

The rest of the photos were all taken along the lake shore on Saturday, we walked to to the next town.

There were plenty of tufted ducks, mallards and mergansers, but also a few of these goosander.