Saturday, 17 April 2010

Sunny, Sunny Day

Sunshine, sunshine and more sunshine. C went on the motorbike run that the guys had to call off last time they tried going it because it was so misty. Not a chance of that today, they had their full Irish outside when they got to Laragh.
I spent part of the morning in Farmleigh, and most of the rest of the day in the garden.  C decided he wasn't hungry enough for roast chicken and lemon sponge pudding, so we had pizza instead. A good excuse to use the fresh yeast someone kindly gave me.  I just need to make sure I don't mix up the spare pizza dough that went into the freezer with the Naan bread dough.

 The robins again made hay while the sun shone, scavenging everywhere I had dug to see what titbits they could find. C said he saw them seeing off an interloper - they know where they are well off. In fact, I saw them fly out of the back porch yesterday - I think they had made a unilateral decision to raid the tub of mealworms. I also had a dove in the back porch - I think it might have been hoping to forage in the sack of seeds, but then the door blew shut.
Some poor bird is homeless  - I found this nest on the path in Farmleigh. It was ever so soft to feel, and as light as a feather. Looking at the feathers in it, where they are coloured at the tips, it could possibly be a chaffinch, or even a robin. It was mostly moss and lichen, and about four to five inches across.

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  1. Look at that busy bee. Great picture. That nest is a true work of art. What a great find for you but a true loss for the poor bird who did all that work.