Friday, 2 April 2010

A Walk in the Park

It was so nice and sunny yesterday evening that we went out for a quick walk after dinner. C hadn't gone for his usual lunch-time walk, as he was recovering from a painful visit to the dentist...It was cold, but well worth going out - especially when it's been raining all day so far.

Sunset in a Puddle

Signs of Spring - a sticky chestnut bud ...

... and even a leaf breaking out

Stepping Out Together

C reckons - purely because there were three of them, that these might have been the ducks he's been seeing swimming around in a big puddle beside the road this week.


  1. I love those sticky chestnut buds, glad to see some leaves finally appearing too, lovely photos :D

  2. Sabrina, I love how you can highlight the vastness of that sunset and then the detail of the blossom and leaves. You remind us to look closely because there's beauty there.

    I love the high stepping ducks!!! We've had some crazy (loud) geese flying back and forth overhead for a couple of days. I've been wondering what's got them so worked up.

  3. I've missed visiting and checking out your beautiful photography, my friend. It's good to find some time to stop by! Spectacular photography, as always!