Thursday, 29 April 2010


The last mallard chicks were on the canal. As these ones were mostly swimming round the café in Farmleigh, it was much easier to get a couple of decent pictures. I am amazed how big their beaks are. I wonder are they like puppies growing into their big paws.

I always love the strong, vibrant colour of spurge. This one was growing beside a viburnum with an almost intoxicating smell.

I've just finished reading Zane Grey's  The Great Trek, set in Australia. I was interested to read it as in the past we've read a whole series of detective books set in Australia, with a half-caste detective (the Bony/Boney books by Arthur Upfield). Grey's book would have been set in an earlier period, and his descriptions of the Australian wildlife were so lovely to read. I'd love to see things like koalas, lyre birds, and the duck-billed platypus, in real life.


  1. Isn't it remarkable how the water just beads up on them. They certainly look like they're having fun. I love that you can even see their feet through the water.

    Looks like you have a theme going with the flower pictures. Is that last one a tulip I wonder? I love the tattered edges.

  2. I love your flower pictures. Those little ducklings are adorable. My favorite one is in your last photo on the left. With his head tipped up, I can imagine him singing his little heart out!