Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Colour on a Grey Day

I was thinking that maybe I'd get to upload a few of my action pictures of the birds at my dad's feeders today: it was such a dull, grey wet day that it seemed like a waste of time to have my camera with me in town. Then it was such a rush to get from work to Dublin Castle (where I was meeting C for lunch, as he had the day off today), that there was no time for stopping to take any pictures. But I spotted these buildings just as I got to the Chester Beatty, and as it had stopped raining, almost, when we were leaving after lunch, C said I could have two and a half minutes to take a picture. They look freshly painted, but since the last time I was up that road was in the snowy twilight in January, I could have missed them altogether that evening.
There was fantastic contrast between the dark bark of the cherry trees and the papery white birch bark, but I only had two and a half minutes!!


  1. I love those buildings too. When we went on the Ghost Tour there was an interesting story about someone escaping by jumping out of a window and off the bit that is now green - I can't remember the story tho :( Its a great tour if you ever get the chance, and if its still around - must google it.......

  2. hmm could only find this one http://www.dublinsightseeing.ie/ghostbus.aspx which I think is what we went on but it was all walking then!

  3. You know what makes these great to me is the color values. What a bold statement they make.