Monday, 20 June 2016


Goldfinches on the niger-seed feeder the other day:

Not much point taking a photo of "and then there were none...."

Friday, 17 June 2016

Waterford again...

Just to explain - the sudden irruption of photos taken around the Waterford area are because my dad is in hospital there and will be for some time. Currently I am getting either a train or bus down and bus back, and walking out to the hospital from town. At some stage I may switch to driving, but for the time being I'll enjoy the chance to nap on the journey, enjoy some beautiful scenery and take a few photos...

Clock Tower

Reginald's Tower

Thomastown train station

These last two aren't great photos, taken through the bus window. It's what used to be Keneally's Arts and Crafts in Kilkenny. I'm not sure how long it's been out of business, but I remember the beautiful windows from going there on a business trip with C. He was setting up new merchandising displays and had sprained his ankle playing football, so very reluctantly had to ask for ,me to chauffeur him there and back.

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Around and about work...

Someone in work had mentioned to me that she had come across a garden that you would never know was there, as it's up what looks like a fire-escape. It seems that when renovations were done on one of  the buildings along James' Street, the garden was also renovated. It looks like a lovely peaceful spot to sit! It was the dead flower catkins from some tree that first caught me eye - like a weird sort of snow. Looking up the garden you can see the back of the house - but turn around and straight away you are in an industrial setting. It just so happened that while I was taking these photos, the same security guard who had been on duty at the front gate when I arrived walked through and stopped to chat. He felt it was a shame that it was such a regimented planting with bedding plants - personally he would have liked to see wildflowers and a more bee- and butterfly-friendly planting.

The last photo isn't round and about work at all, it was snapped with my phone when I walked down to get the weekend fruit and vegetables.

Saturday, 11 June 2016


I'm sitting here watching the rain beat down on the windows above me - after almost ten days of lovely sunshine and blue skies, it's been getting greyer and greyer as the week progressed.

But while I was able to sit out more in the garden last week, that also gave me a chance to see more of the birds...The blackbird was certainly enjoying the sun. I saw a magpie sunning one day as well.

A great tit in the hawthorn trees at the end of the garden, and another one enjoying a sunflower seed snack...

Juvenile and adult robins

And a goldfinch just because I don't often get a good photo of one in the squirrel-proof feeders, but the bright sunshine helped.

And our own mid-morning "snack" - halfway to making cappuccino :D. The gaskets for our Dualit coffee machine are no longer available except by buying a whole brewhead as well,  but I was able to buy  Krupps gaskets exactly the same size. It was about time for a new one!!

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Garden Sunshine 2

And the rest of the photos from the Botanic Gardens.

I loved the scarring on this succulent leaf. Even the little line at the right looks like stitches.

Echium webbi (Boraginaceae)

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Garden Sunshine

Monday was, in fact, the least sunny day of our holiday weekend...but it was still lovely enough that we took a trip to the Botanic Gardens, our first of the year.

Some photos now, more to follow tomorrow.