Monday, 1 July 2019

June Favourites....

Just a couple, as we were away for most of the month.

We had to leave a couple of days earlier than planned due to a problem with the ferry. I met C at work after lunch on a Thursday and we headed to the port. It was only about five in the afternoon when these photos were taken - a very cloudy, overcast day. But we hadn't sailed from Dublin before, and enjoyed the unusual views of the city.

It was a somewhat rough crossing, so the captain was unable to make up for the late departure. This was compounded by the fact that he had a call from the French coastguard asking him to detour and check whether a yacht was in trouble or not. So we were quite late docking in Cherbourg, and had rain for the first half of the drive down. We couldn't afford to stop much, as we needed to get to our campsite before the barrier closed - we just about got the tent up before sunset at about ten o'clock.

I'll be back (soon, I hope) with more pictures. Our first stop was Blaye citadel , a 17th c. fortress overlooking the Gironde estuary. The campsite is located within the ramparts. We'd stayed there for a very quick overnight stop a couple of years ago, and had been looking forward to having more time (and better weather) to enjoy the atmospheric setting.