Friday, 9 April 2010

Where Sheep May Safely Graze

This is a card I wanted to post up here as I was so happy with my little sheep. I made it just before we went to my Dad's, for the ODBD Second Anniversary challenges. Being the second anniversary, one of the challenges was to use cotton. I am not a big fan of actually making bullion knots, but I do think you can make so many lovely designs with them that it's worth enduring with it.

Just two bird photos from when we were down in Kerry. Year before last I gave Dad a coconut filled with seeds and suet, and when it was empty he took it down. I think he'd forgotten about it, but when he was worried about leaving the poor birds without any food while he was away for a couple of days, I suggested that fat balls or suet would last longer than leaving just seed. So he found another coconut, and wired them up to his feeder. I just sat on a chair in the garden for about half an hour over the space of the afternoon, and even after weeding out the total duds, I still have over 50 shots I can't bring myself to ditch. I love the ones that show the birds in motion. Really, I should have brought my tripod or seen if Dad had one I could have borrowed. I'll try to edit a couple of the Blue Tit ones - they look so cute tucked right into the shell. But for now, I love the sense of motion with the Great Tits in this one.

And those ever-elusive Coal Tits were not so elusive down there as they are up here.


  1. Oh my, that lamb is beautiful. You certainly have a way with cotton! You should be proud.

    The birds and the coconuts are so much fun. You had to be smiling when you took these. I just love your bird pictures. (And I never seem to have a tripod handy when I could use it either.)

  2. I love your little lamb. He is so adorable.