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Saturday, 22 August 2015

Brittany 6

And Vannes part 2 - mostly shop signs and detail photos from round the town.

Friday, 21 August 2015

Brittany 5

Brittany 5 is Vannes part 1, since it was a photo-heavy outing.  We drove into Arradon and got the bus from there to Vannes, which was very quick and saved us having to try to find parking there. It was a somewhat overcast day, even cool at times, so it was quite good for walking around the town.

Castle grounds

Old laundry building, beside the castle

Toy shop - the bubble-blowing bear (below) is in front of it

The next two photos were both part of an exhibition called "Ephemeral Gardens". Hard to get a decent picture of the "green seating", because there was a railing around it, but it was quite fascinating. Sacks, with holes in them and different types of plants growing through, and then slatted seating a bit like a garden bench. It was a shame not to be able to sit on them. The exhibit in the second photo is titled "Scarlet Wave".

Thursday, 29 September 2011

Vannes part 2

C is a sucker for boats and marinas, so I think his first view of Vannes after we'd driven through it and found a (free) car-park and he could relax, already endeared the town to him. A canal leads from the town out to the Gulf of Morbihan.

Vannes is an old town, and there are many timbered houses in the centre.

There's also an old castle and the old city walls and ramparts...

If I recollect the sign on the walls, the covered arcade in front of this building was where people used to do their washing in the river.

...and a small cathedral:

Monday, 26 September 2011

Vannes - part 1

I think of all the places that we visited, Vannes was C's favourite. He says he'd love to find a camp site near there and go back for longer. I remember visiting there one evening when I was about thirteen or fourteen - I can still remember the smell of the chocolate crepes we had in the car on the way home. It was less romantic in daylight, but still a wonderful place to wander around.

These photos are mostly just shop signs...Sadly the paper shop (2nd photo) was closed for their annual holiday - it would have been a lovely shop to go into and browse around.
The 6th photo is typical Quimper faïence style. I must take a photo of the little lollipops I bought for my brother's kids - their wrapping is a similar style.
The 7th photo, the little money bag, was a sign on the Crédit Agricole bank. It has a rather mediaeval feel to it, I think.