Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Self Service at the All-Day Breakfast Bar

I was hanging the wash out yesterday when I heard some rustling from the back porch. A quick peek, and the two robins were in there helping themselves - and making an almighty mess spilling worms all over the place while they were at it. They hopped out when I went to get the camera, and then obligingly hopped back in again.


Escaping with the spoils

After seeing them so fearless in the porch, and not even startled when I used the flash, I decided to experiment today by holding my hand out with worms in it - and one of them, after a bit of hopping around, decided that it was safe! And not just once or twice, but several times. The other one is a bit more timid - I'm guessing it's the one we've been feeding all winter who was the braver one.

We had the most delicious pineapple sorbet tonight. I can't remember what put it into C's head a while back that he would like some. It was just when the greengrocer ran out really nice pineapples, but he had some good ones back in again and I bought two on Saturday.
We will most definitely be having this again. We do have an icecream maker - not the one of my dreams, but one where you pre-freeze the bowl and then churn it on the counter. It was a wedding anniversary present to ourselves a few years back. But I used to make icecreams and sorbets even when we didn't, just giving them a good vigorous stir every half hour or so till they were too frozen. And a tiny amount of gelatine can be a big help, too.

Pineapple Sorbet:
12 ounces fresh pineapple, chopped roughly
Juice of one lemon
5 ounces sugar (just over half a cup)
2 egg-whites.

Blend the pineapple till smooth. Add the sugar and lemon juice and blend again. If you're able to use a liquidiser with a large bowl, add the egg-whites and blend again for a couple of minutes. Otherwise lightly whisk the whites and fold them into the pineapple purée in a bowl. Chill for about half an hour and then churn till thick and creamy and ready to freeze.


  1. Sabrina, sounds like you've made some wonderful feathered friends - those that like to make themselves at home. You must have been thrilled to have him eat out of your hand. I hope you can somehow get that on film. The Sorbet sounds delicious. I've only ever made some strawberry rhubard sorbet years ago without a machine. I might give that a try again this spring.

    And... Happy Birthday! There's a package coming your way that probably will be late because of the volcano. Who knew? I hope your day is thoroughly enjoyable!

  2. How exciting about your little bird friends. I made icecream with my cub scouts the other day. We put the mixture in ziplock bags and put them in bigger ziplock bags with the ice and salt. The boys shook them until it froze. They had a blast. I'll put a photo on my blog of the boys doing it. I was feeling good about all the fun they were having when one dad pulled me aside and said what a dumb activity. My feelings were really hurt. I had spent my own money for all the supplies, and I have volunteered one night a week for these boys, and they aren't even my own kids.