Monday, 30 September 2013

Favourite cards...

From August - before it gets to be October. I don't know where September went! It was a beautiful month, weatherwise; one brief cold spell and then an Indian summer. I was sick at the start, C is sick now, and in between we had a long weekend in Switzerland with friends. I've only edited a few photos, but I'll try to add them in a post for tomorrow if my computer doesn't keep on giving me grief.

Favourite August cards - not too many!.Since we're well over halfway through the year I'm sneaking in my favourite Christmas card of the month too.

Our little goldfinches are still flocking round, and for the first time since the summer I saw some long-tailed tits when I was out and about.
Here's a recent shot (through the still-dirty window) of two little goldfinches. The feeder used to have a base which fitted on, but at some stage the base of the feeder got broken (pigeons, I think!) and a couple of weeks back it was no longer possible to attach the base. It's a shame, because the smaller birds like the linnets, redpolls and goldfinches all loved it. I'll see if I can get another similar feeder now that autumn stocks are in. I've since pruned back the brambles, but we've had two apple and blackberry crumbles.

Monday, 9 September 2013

Growing Up Fast !

The little goldfinches are growing up fast. From the way some still have no red at all while some are breaking out into what looks like a virulent red rash, there must be at least two different families at the feeders these days. This afternoon I counted at least 7 - and since some were pecking around in the long grass for spilled seed, I wasn't even sure that I counted them all.
Sorry, again the photos are taken through the window - and after the torrential rain on Saturday it's even dirtier than it was before.