Sunday, 22 January 2017

A Miscellany

It feels as I just stepped right back onto a merry go round after the Christmas break, and I still haven't even edited photos from our December Paris trip.  I wish it's something I could do while travelling down to Cork!

A few photos - the first one I took on the 2nd of January meaning to upload it as a New Year photo. They are always very prompt in changing the date over the main gate at Guinness.

It's been a very, very grey month mostly. The photo of Heuston was taking one of the mornings when I was availing of Irish Rail's seat sale to travel by train instead of bus. I know I have plenty of photos of the facade, but I've never seen it lit up in the Irish colours before.

It was also very, very murky when I spotted a grey wagtail on the mudflats the other morning. I had to up the ISO a lot to get the photos, but it's always a welcome splash of colour to spot one of these.

I spotted this little dwarf goat (actually there were two of them) walking home from the shopping centre one day. He had a wonderful thick coat, I wish I could have patted him. He was quite small, I don't think he'd have been even a metre high including his horns.

With all the grey gloominess I felt in need of a little floral  summery lightness, so I made this card for the Art Neko blog, full details in the link. There are some lovely floral images in a set of 9 ATC-sized stamps, and I'm looking forward to making time to stamp and colour some more of them.

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Favourite Christmas cards

I made very few cards at all in December - it was a mad rush of a month from the start right up till Christmas Eve night, when I was rolling out my cinnamon buns for Christmas breakfast at quarter to one in the morning.

So instead of favourite cards for December, here are my favourite Christmas cards from the year...

The Baah humbug was made for C, who is a bit of a Grinch, and I asked him to give me the one with the little owl on the tree stump as I loved it so much. It was for a challenge to use plaid, hence the sheet of DIY alcohol-ink plaid in the background.
I ended up making another four of the stable shaped cards, slightly smaller and with the star lower down so that they would fit in a regular envelope...

This month's header is a photo from Farmleigh last January, out by the smaller pond.