Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Have a worm, sweetheart

Alas, we are not in Paris. But I've been going through photos and trying to reorganise albums, and this photo of the Pyramid at the Louvre pretty much sums up what it feels like here. It rained almost all day yesterday, with a brief dry period in the late afternoon. When I got into work, before I even opened my mouth Michael said to me "Don't say good, it's morning, but there's nothing good about it". As it happened, I'd started the day with a laugh, so the rain didn't bother me. C had decided to go into work a bit later than usual to help him cope with the trauma of the clock having gone forward. So when he was putting his gear on to leave, he was in a flap trying to find his trousers. Not in the bedroom, not in the porch, not in the spare room - had I done anything with them? After thinking, I burst out laughing because I knew he'd left them in the bike on Thursday, and had never got round to bringing them in - not even when I asked for his lunch bag. Plan B - he recently bought an all-in one rainproof coverall. But that meant changing his heavy jumper and jacket for a sweatshirt and a lighter jacket. And then he ended up with one leg in a leg of the coverall, and the other in an arm, so I went into work still smiling over it all. And goodness, it was wet. I went in to town after work (last tub of meal-worms in the garden shop, lucky robins), and got wetter again sitting in my damp coat on the bus.
While I was washing the floors later on in the afternoon I heard the robins chirping, so I grabbed my camera - no time to change lens - and a few worms,  and was rewarded by getting these pictures.

And in case one isn't enough...

The next picture was this morning - you can see they are ankle deep in puddles!!

It's so funny to watch, because one will cheep away and stand there with an open beak, but if nothing happens it (she?) will grab a couple from the ground, but then is ready for me as soon as (he?) arrives with his offering. I'll have to sit out in the back for a while with the camera and some worms - but not till it's a bit dryer. Today the direction of the rain/snow was into the back porch, so I couldn't keep the door open for long.

As if all the rain yesterday wasn't enough, there was so much snow this morning that I had to scrape the car off before I could go out. It snowed all day, although it never really lay on the ground. There's been so much damage in the gardens already from the cold in January - our neighbour's Lobster Claw tree looks pretty dead. I think it might revive though, when you bend a twig it's still live inside.


  1. ah, I just LOVE those pics of the robins, they are so cute! I wonder do they even notice the puddles.

  2. We've had the clocks ahead for several weeks now and I still haven't adjusted. Glad you could start a rainy day with a smile. After two days of rain there is sunshine here this morning and looking at and reading about your robins makes me smile. They are comical to watch. I love the last picture with the dripping leaves. He/she is framed perfectly against that backdrop.

  3. I love your last photo. That one captures your little bird friend so well.