Sunday, 29 January 2012

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Blackcap and Spring Flowers

I visited my aunt today - lots blooming in her garden, even fuchsia and one lone stem of myosotis. These poor camellias will likely feel the cold and suffer, judging by the forecast for the next few days, but they were beautiful!

Before I left I spotted the blackcap in the tree. It was drizzly rain here and I had to take the photos through a window, but little by little I'm working my way up to getting a really good one.

Tuesday, 24 January 2012


We are regularly having two robins together these days - one still a bit of a dimwit, and one who knows that when it hears the door open it's likely to get food.

Redpolls on the feeder. They're quite feisty little birds - while there may be six or more around, they don't seem to tolerate more than three at a time on the feeder.

Still getting regular visits from the female blackcap, though I haven't seen a male yet. And we had long-tailed tits on the fat-ball feeder the other day too - a real treat!

Sunday, 15 January 2012


Today is my sister's birthday. As she was up in Dublin we met for lunch on Friday. It was a beautiful morning - if I hadn't been meeting her (and looking for a present before) I'd certainly have gone to the park.

We had lunch in the Silk Road Café at the Chester Beatty library, so most of the photos are around Dublin Castle.

As I wasn't working we were able to meet early, thus ensuring a table in the atrium, which is a bit quieter without the noise of the coffee machines. This was looking in to one of the inside rooms.

 There was quite an interesting looking exhibition but I'd walked too far and had too much to carry. I might try to get back in before it's over, especially as L told me there were some lovely Chinese robes as well as the photographs. Success in present-buying, I managed to find a book I didn't even know was on her Amazon wishlist, and I bought a lovely new frying-pan which the security guard came over to admire.

Monday, 9 January 2012

Sunday, 8 January 2012


Well - if this had been a male the cap would have been black. The female is more of a chestnut colour.
It's about the first time in three years I've seen one in the garden, and along with the redpoll it's another bird that C had never seen before.

They're meant to have such a melodious song that they have been nicknamed "the northern nightingale" but I'm afraid that with the door shut all I managed to capture sound-wise was C!

Saturday, 7 January 2012

Seen around town

Haven't had time yet to upload any photos from our walk in the park last Monday, but at least there are so few of these snaps from around town that it didn't take any time to copy and edit them.
We have, to go with the rowing Santa from Christmas Eve, a biker Santa. Well, not what C would call a real biker, but he certainly caught my attention on the way to work the other morning.

As did a welcome ray of sunshine lighting up this building. It's been so, so grey these last couple of weeks.

On Thursday afternoon there was some respite from the gale-force winds, and the sky brightened up too around lunchtime, so I walked into town after work to get some wool for a couple of projects. This is the Christmas "tree" on O'Connell Street.

This scarf was a last-minute idea for a Christmas gift for my aunt. Had to phone the wool shop to make sure that they'd have two balls of any of the nice colourways in stock, so as not to waste a journey in to town if they didn't.

Monday, 2 January 2012

Happy Bird Day

Well, today was the first day that the weather was good enough to tempt us out for a walk in the park.
It also seemed to bring a veritable menagerie, as C said, to our feeders. And we definitely have a pair of robins now. As well as the dimwit one who flies away when I put worms and suet pellets on the wall for it, we have one flying to the back door. So I wonder is  the tamer one perhaps one of the young ones or even the adult female from last year, which Mr. Dimwit is now letting into his territory as a prospective mate.

We've been having a pair of blackbirds moseying around the patio recently - here they both are in next-door's mahonia tree.


A sparrow in the mahonia



 Great tit

Coal Tit

Blue tit

And of course a robin. We were hard pressed to find a good picture from last January to print a calendar page for our notice-board (in fact we cheated and took one from last February instead), so I've decided to leave my robin as the blog header for this month.

Sunny it may have been, but it was also very windy which wasn't ideal for taking pictures of birds perching in the tree.

And here's a photo of the Moravian Sugar Cake which we had for breakfast on Christmas Day: