Wednesday, 14 April 2010

What's in Your Kitchen?

I had no problems at all with the SCS photo challenge this week. Well, I shouldn't have! Angie was looking for someone to cover for a couple of weeks, so I set the challenge of showing something from your kitchen. I started adding up all the kitchens I've worked in professionally, and on a volunteer basis for camps - it came to a lot of kitchens.
For my photos I used an old Springerle rolling pin. I am sure we used to have two - this one and a bigger one with red handles. But this is the one that ended up in my possession. When we were little, it did NOT have woodworm, I don't know at what stage that happened to it.

A new Joseph Joseph citrus reamer. I have an electric juicer I use if we are having juice to drink, or if I need more than two or three oranges and lemons squeezed. Sometimes I do rolled-up chicken breast fillets with a fresh mint filling and an orange sauce, I definitely use the electric juicer for that. And then I have little ones suitable for a wedge for pancakes or whatever. And then there's a stainless steel one, which is my regular one. But for half an orange, or lemon, or lime, it's a nuisance to clean, and I thought I'd try out this reamer. I am more than happy with it.

I also took a photo of a slice of the cake I made on Saturday before we went to Farmleigh. We did call on a neighbour to invite her over for some, but she wasn't in...not that we ever have trouble finishing it off ourselves.

We didn't have the same fantastic sunshine today as the last few days, but I was able to get some weeding done, and lovely rich,fresh compost from the compost-maker onto the borders. The little robins were out with me, keeping a close eye out for all the worms.

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  1. I love these photos.. Not only can you stamp but you have amazing cooking and photography skills too.. Great job Sabrina.. I sent you a birthday package today.. I hope it gets there safely...:)