Thursday, 22 April 2010

A Munificence of Magnolias

I started my blog one year ago, with a photo of magnolias taken in the Botanic Gardens on Easter Sunday.
When I went to Farmleigh last week they were in full bloom, but I saved the pictures to share today to mark one year. Sorry there are so many - I could easily have uploaded twice as many. C suggested I needed to do some editing - I'd already deleted about sixty photos before he saw them.  Because he was out on a motorbike run, I could take my time more than if he had been with me.

And a card I made on Saturday, using one of the photos.

I have just got a lovely light carbon-fibre tripod which will be a welcome upgrade from my very good but VERY heavy old Uni-Loc tripod. Plus this new one fits into the backpack C gave me for Christmas.

1 comment :

  1. Sabrina, Happy Blogaversary. How perfect to have revisited your starting place. I know how you feel about purging those shots. But I do love how you isolate the details of a bloom. You are a wonderful photographer and your card is magnificent. That is such a great way to use the whole picture and spotlight the flower at the same time. Bravo!