Thursday, 29 July 2010

Park Pictures

These are some of the photos from Tuesday evening. A couple more of the heron, one view across the city and some of the deer. It was so funny the way all the stags were lying together in two big groups, and the does and fawns were much more spread about and grazing.

This morning I spent a while watching the young gulls on the river - it was almost as if they were playing, drifting backwards on a strong current. But in case I sort out a couple of photos, I'll save a write-up till then.


  1. I just love the heron pictures. That herd of stags is awesome. I've never seen something like that and they must be very tolerant of people as it looks like you were able to get relatively close. What coloration on that fawn!

  2. Your heron photos are outstanding, Sabrina!! And all those deer in one place.....we see several in the field that joins our property, as well as those that come into our backyard out of our wooded property. Such beautiful animals.