Friday, 23 July 2010

Quick Snaps

This has been such a busy week. I'll be glad when Monday afternoon comes and things settle down again.
Tonight I had to drive C over to get his new motorbike - there was a beautiful sunset which I couldn't really enjoy.
The pictures of the cormorant are from yesterday morning. He was behaving very different to normal - instead of diving and disappearing underwater, he just kept ducking his head under, and was swimming along with his body mostly underwater and just his head up - almost like a periscope!  Not great photos because of the overcast day, but I like the reflections and ripples.

 The drop of water on the dahlia was this morning, near the bus stop.

Still trying to remember exactly where the cross is - I took it because I have a noughts and crosses theme in mind for a photo challenge. It's either on James' Street or Steeven's Lane.

The Liffey reflection was also this morning - it was as still as a mill pond. Why is a mill pond still? I'd have thought it would be turbulent...


  1. I did not know that cormorants swam like that. Those are great pictures - all of them. We won't be having any dahlias this year - darn groundhogs!!! It has been hard keeping things alive with this heat and very little rain. That sounds like a great theme for a challenge.

  2. The mill pond reflection photo is especially cool, Sabrina, and I like the reflection and ripples on the water with the cormorant, too.