Wednesday, 28 July 2010

One Single Heron

One photo only, today was too busy. Well, making Cornish Pasties took most of the afternoon, more like...
We went for a late, sudden walk in the park last night. At first C decided he was too tired. Then he decided he wasn't, so around ten to eight we hopped into the car - one camera lens only was allowed, and when we got there the battery was showing low.
I did get some lovely photos - the light was beautiful, and the deer were all resting in the grass. I'll try to upload a few after work tomorrow. The real reason for going, apparently, was that the grass smells lovely now that they are cutting it all and drying it for hay; C says he has been enjoying it on his way to work. We only passed one area where they had cut the grass, though...
The light on the pond was singularly lovely, the heron was right in the sunlight, the one and only lens I had was my wide-aperture one and my battery held out. This is the only photo I can quickly access, because I've just set it as my desktop on the downstairs PC so it's on a USB stick.

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  1. Sabrina, what a gorgeous photo. I love the contrast of the bird with the dark background. I can certainly see why you would make it your desktop. Thank goodness for the long days and your walks.