Monday, 12 July 2010

In the Garden

I thought I was going to stay in a time warp and share a couple of things I inherited from my mother, after getting in the retro mood last night. But that can keep for another day. I spotted this beautiful greenfinch this morning while I was washing the floors. It's funny, some of the birds are still in beautiful plumage, like a very shy chaffinch, and then there are a whole bunch of scruffy juveniles. After saying to C only yesterday that it was a while since I'd seen a coaltit, I spotted a little young one this morning - no photo, though.

I like this one because I don't often get to see the symmetry of the tail and wing markings from a back view.

He certainly likes his sunflower seeds. I have a bag that I am mixing in with the regular seed mix these days.

Also a sad cross-section of one of my nasturtiums before they went into the compost. Sorry if it's too much information, but those little green things on it that look like tiny hay bales - well, suffice to say that they are chewed up and digested nasturtium. I couldn't work out what they were at first.

I also had a lovely walk in Farmleigh this morning, so later in the week I will have a couple of heron, duck and bird pictures to share. I accidentally stood on a plug when I was taking the deep fryer out to the shed this morning, and my foot was a bit sore, so I was more than glad to spend time just standing and watching the birds rather than doing too much walking.


  1. Sabrina, I love the back view of your little greenfinch friend.

  2. I agree with MariLynn - great view from the back. They almost look like they're wearing formal tails. Hope your foot feels better soon.

  3. youch for the foot, I winced when I read that. Love the bird-tail picture and the chomped nasturtium too, shame those catterpillars do so much damage.