Thursday, 8 July 2010

The caterpillars crawled in three by three

The other day I noticed some aphids on the nasturtiums, but I decided not to spray in the the hopes that either birds or ladybirds would get most of them. What I didn't spot were some caterpillar larvae. When I went to water them today (although thankfully we've had good rain since), they were crawling with caterpillars. They can only have hatched the other day, and quite a few seemed to be dead, but the living ones have done quite enough damage, thank-you. I think these will end up prematurely in the compost.


  1. Hmmm, very hungry little caterpillars! Looks like they had a feast.

  2. great pics of the caterpillars, but they are a flipping nuisance! We used to grow a lot of nasturtiums and every year the leaves were turned to skeletons by those caterpillars. The children had fun watching them tho!