Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Giant's Causeway

We had a lovely drive up to Lisburn on Friday, and were able to change C's leaky motorbike boots on our way through Newry, which was great. He's had them since the end of March, but in the heavy rain one day the week before last they let in water very badly.
It was raining on Saturday morning but cleared by the time we were setting out to drive up the Antrim coast to the Giant's Causeway, and we had beautiful weather most of the way. As a bonus our hostess was driving, so we were both able to enjoy the scenery. I'll have a few more photos tomorrow, I hope, but I wanted to show something to be going on with. I don't know why we've never been there before - it was totally fascinating and beautiful. I suppose most of the times we've been up North have been on business, without time to spare for sightseeing. Apart from around Enniskillen and along the Erne, from a cruise and visiting friends...

First photo is my great grandfather (centre) in 1896.

Love the colours in this with the yellow raincoat and green weed.

I made a few photos into a card to send to someone in America...(sounds as if I should have made two cards, Pat - one for you as well as Shirley's!)


  1. You are so lucky to have all those beautiful places to visit and I am so glad that you share your journeys. Those rocks are just wondrous. I've never seen them before. Sabrina, your blog is such a great teaching tool - at least for me. I love the postcard and how you added all those photos. I especially like the one of your grandfather. Old photos are really something special, but even more so when they are actually part of your personal history.

  2. I love the Giant's Causeway - spent all my childhood holidays near there, haven't been back in quite some time. Great photos, Sabrina.

    Julie :o)