Sunday, 1 August 2010

Swan Lake - Pas de Deux

It was a very showery day today, but in the evening we went for a walk along the canal after dinner.
I only did ballet very briefly when I was young - the year I started turned out also to be one of the years my mum had pneumonia, so then I just went straight back home after school instead of going to ballet. But I've always enjoyed watching it, even if I couldn't say what a pas de deux or an entrechat is.

Signs of rain

The rainbow became even more spectacular shortly after this, but with a handful of swans feathers I was too slow in changing to a wide-angle lens. As we were walking back up the main road we met an American family from New York trying to find the hotel where they had left their car. We weren't much help, I am afraid, but as he pointed out, it was still bright and he had a super-sized umbrella in case the rain started again.


  1. Oh Sabrina, what a perfect title for your swans. They are stunning and I can only imagine how you must have been smiling when you took those pictures. And what a great capture of that rainbow. Much, much better than the one I caught a couple of weeks ago. I'm sure that family appreciated you stopping to try to help them. Got something planned for those feathers?

  2. ah, beautiful photos, I really love those swans :D