Sunday, 11 July 2010

For Old Time's Sake

 It poured and poured on Friday. It must have started some time on Thursday, because C gave our dinner guest a lift home instead of letting him get the train. Goodness, I loved hearing the Cornish accent again, and as he is a rugby player with a good healthy appetite, it was an opportunity to make Baked Alaska for dessert and know that it would (almost) all get eaten.
And it rained most of yesterday too. Good for the garden, at any rate. The nasturtiums have gone into the compost - there was barely a leaf left after two days of the caterpillars noshing away, but everything else is happier for the good prolonged rain.
I have a couple of drawers with various art supplies, mostly from when the two of us worked in a company that imported and distributed fine-art supplies. From time to time I take a look through to see if there's anything useful, anything to FreeCycle, anything I just want to keep. Tonight I picked out a spare of my second favourite eraser and these three bottles of ink. As the rubber hasn't perished, they can't be too old, and I'll certainly give them a try.  They are still available, in a round bottle and with a different colour of label.
Taking a photo of them reminded me that I'd taken a picture of a book cover when we were staying in my aunt's in May, and never got round to sizing and posting that.

No publication date inside, but those diamond rings start at £6 and 15 shillings, and until about 5 years ago the company was still in business. My guess is mid to late thirties, given the date the book was first published.


  1. You've reminded me that I came across a tutorial lately that made the most gorgeous flowers out of coffee filters and watercolors. There are bunches of them on the internet if you've got filters.

    That book is a real treasure. I love the graphic cover.

  2. I have a weakness for old books. I have some that belonged to R's grandparents - his sister was throwing them away and I rescued a few. Some have dedications, like the one that was a present from a teacher. Recently I (re)read one of them - Little Women.