Wednesday, 7 July 2010

River Life

Yesterday I was so surprised to see some fish in the Liffey - it's the first time I've ever seen them. Today I was early for work so I walked up to the Frank Sherwin bridge at Heuston, and round the bridge piers was positively swarming with fish.
I didn't have a polariser with me, so one photo is enhanced to show how many there were, and one regular photo. Someone in work says they are mullet, and they do come upriver in the summer. He thinks he saw either a seal or an otter just diving in the water out of the corner of his eye, but though he waited almost ten minutes he didn't see anything again. I'll be keeping my eyes peeled! With all those fish I can imagine they'd attract some predators. They were a good size too, at least ten inches to a foot long.

There were also four swans this morning - more than the usual pair. And swallows swooping over the water. It was a good day to be early. The swans were enjoying a tasty snack.

 No sign of the juvenile seagull in the yard at work, so hopefully he was reunited with his parents and is safe somewhere.


  1. I looked at these yesterday and forgot to come back.... wow, those look like pretty decent size fish. I bet the otter was having a feast! I sometimes get mesmerized by the wildlife, especially in the morning when all is fresh and clear. Although, I don't have those beautiful swans to look at!