Tuesday, 6 July 2010

A Miscellany

We stopped for what we hoped would be a nice croissant on Saturday morning, knowing that the ones in the airport were not great. The ones in the service café were very nice indeed, but the coffee, alas, was not.
When I saw this ad at the back of the dining area, I couldn't help thinking of Charlene, for ovbious reasons.

This crane thingy was near the airport in Southampton, I just liked the colours and shape.The yellow reminded me so much of the plastic Meccano that we used to have. We had some of the older metal stuff too, but I liked the chunky feel of the plastic one.

We were lucky that it was not too windy on the days we were flying. Sunday was very windy, and yesterday morning there were a lot of twigs and branches down all over. In fact, there was quite a large branch down from a tree at the end of our road, and today the council had cut the whole tree down. I'd got off the bus early to go to the butcher's , and walking back up, there were several showers of cherries squished on the paths. Usually the birds get most of them before they ever get a chance to be blown down.
This big pile of leaves was heaped up along  a bridge yesterday.


The other day C said he thought he'd seen a wren in the garden. This morning I saw a little small bird, but I don't think it was a wren, I am hoping that we do, after all, have a little baby robin around. I'll be keeping a close eye out. This young gull was hopping around in work yesterday (I assume it was the same one - if not, there are two very hapless juveniles around), nearly getting run over. As I was walking up the yard this morning, he was perched on the steps into one of the prefabs. He was there when I left, too - I hope he is alright. He doesn't seem to be able to fly very far, just a few yards and then he lands and starts hopping around. I hope, for his sake, that I don't see him tomorrow.


  1. Yes, I can see how that would remind you of Charlene! That gull has beautiful coloration. I too, hope that it is okay. Maybe it was just looking for a handout!

  2. Hey! That is really cool! Thanks for the link to my blog, too. Do you speak French so you can tell me what it says? Or, I do suppose I could go to Bing Translator and figure it out (somewhat anyway).