Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Walking Across Town

As C left in time to get into work for 8, which is when he likes to start, I would have been colossally early for work if I'd done anything other than walk over from Baggot Street. Although it was quite a bit cooler than Monday, and not quite as sunny, it still gave me some chances to take photos I wouldn't normally take - and I was still in work an hour early.
Baggot Street, street lighting

Bluebells in the Huguenot Graveyard

I don't quite know what custom this horse and carriage was hoping for at eight in the morning, but maybe he just likes to get the first place in the row of parking reserved for horses and carriages, as I also saw him on Monday.

Clock at Johnson's Court, Grafton Street

George's  Street Arcade

Dame Street, near Dublin Castle


  1. Fabulous photos, Sabrina! Being a flower lover, I especially love the bluebells. Beautiful architecture on the buildings.

  2. You always find the most interesting things. That lamppost and the clock - great finds. And those bluebells have to be gorgeous in person. So glad you left early to get to share this!