Sunday, 23 May 2010

Somewhere in the country

Oh my goodness, has it been a good weekend to be out of Dublin. For May, the weather has been spectacular. As I was driving up the road to my aunt's house, I could see what I thought was maybe a gorse fire on this side of Bray Head - dense white smoke. But when CiarĂ¡n arrived, he said it had been thick mist - his boots were still wet with it. It was nice to discover that since my aunt had her driveway extended, we can fit her car, our car and the motorbike all in the drive and still close the gate. I thought one of the dogs was nearly going to jump the gate with excitement when I arrived. I took a photo of her today, but I'll have to edit on the laptop - minimal programs on this PC, and trying to size in Paint has left me with only partial images. Still, here are a couple of photos from yesterday. We spent the morning on the beach (after coffee) with friends who are home from Africa. Used to the Indian Ocean and Durban, two of them had still braved the sea in Bray for a swim before meeting us! I saw the doorway with the sheep as we walked down to meet them...

One view from the driveway of our little suntrap here, and one photo of the irises beside the little pond, backlit by the morning sun.

One of the irises had opened up today. Hopefully tomorrow I'll get some photos onto the laptop and edited to size. But it's going to be a longer haul into work than normal from here, that is for sure!

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  1. What a great catch those sheep! Sounds like you had a lovely visit with your friends. Can't wait to see the iris. Have a great week!