Monday, 3 May 2010

Holiday Weekend

Being the start of a new month, I was putting all my April photos into one folder and trying to delete a fair amount of them. I came across this one which I liked - the pottery duck on the wall belongs to our neighbours.

We had Ken Hom's Spiced Deep-Fried Chicken tonight. I was being lazy - we had jam doughnuts for afternoon tea/our evening meal on Saturday (and for breakfast on Sunday), and fries with our Sunday lunch, so I was getting one more use out of the fryer before straining the oil and cleaning it - we'd orginally been going to have pizza tonight.

Spiced Deep-Fried Chicken
12 oz boneless chicken
3 oz flour (between a third and half a cup)
1 tsp chilli sauce or chilli (cayenne) powder
2 tsp dry sherry or rice wine
1 tsp each light and dark soy sauce
2 tsp minced fresh ginger
1 tblsp finely chopped spring onions/green onions
1 tsp sugar.

Cut the chicken into strips approximately 2" by 1/2", and put into a bowl with all the marinade ingredients. Mixx well, cover and leave at room temperature for up to an hour.
Heat oil in a deep-fat fryer till quite hot. Sprinkle the flour over the chicken and mix. Fry for about 8 minutes and serve straight away.

I also tried out these lovely Peanutty Energy Bars from Charlene's blog. Salted peanuts aren't something I keep in the cupboard, but at last I remembered to buy them when I was shopping. They are just as yummy as Charlene says. I covered the top of mine with chocolate. Well - high energy doesn't necessarily mean healthy. By it's very nature it means either high fat or high carb or both. C says I can make them again any time, but only with chocolate. He went as far as to say that maybe they were even nicer than Mars Bar Squares, and for sure they must be healthier, even with chocolate! We don't get corn syrup over here, and I'd just finished off the last of some C brought me last time I made candied popcorn , so I just used regular Golden Syrup.


  1. you have made me good and hungry!! YUMM!!

  2. I so wish I lived closer to I could be your taste tester! hee! I think the chocolate on top of those bars is an excellent idea and will try that myself the next time I make them.
    I was swinging by to see if you had any new photos posted, and to tell you that Chef Pierre' arrived today! He's mighty handsome, too! Such a classy card, Sabrina.

  3. Ha! Feathered friends - what a great pair. That chicken sounds delicious. I love that you share your recipes. The Scone Shop's scones are triangular in shape although I've also had what they call drop scones where the batter is just that - dropped onto the baking sheet in dollops. I believe they all start with the same basic dough recipe and then they add different ingredients, or flavorings. Some of them have icings or glazes. The coconut one I had had a bit of coconut in the dough, but then was topped with more with a drizzled glaze over the top. He also picked up cranberry white chocolate, three berry, cinnamon apple, and a couple of others. When I've had tea, they serve them with lemon curd and clotted cream, and sometimes raspberry jam. I think of biscuits as a more flaky dough and they're usually round in shape. We have those with dinner sometimes. We butter them or use them to gather up the gravy.