Friday, 7 May 2010

Star Gazing

I was afraid that my Stargazer lilies hadn't survived the winter, and sure enough when I dug around in their pots about two weeks ago, one seemed to have rotted to nothing, and the other had just started sprouting but all the growth was still down in the soil. I tucked it safely back in and bought two more lily corms to plant to make up for the one I thought was extinct. Somehow something has grown up from the pot where I thought it had rotted  - this is now about ten inches tall, all the recent rain must have been good for it.

Two years ago I left them in their pots, in the hope that when I sat out in the back I could enjoy the scent. Some hope - all the rain that summer meant not much sitting out, and a particularly heavy rain destroyed the blooms. Last year I picked them as soon as they had begun to open up and brought them indoors to enjoy for longer. I am looking forward to the same this year. Except for the pollen getting all over everything...And I can't remember what colours the two new corms are, so that will be a surprise!


  1. I love those lilies as well, hope you get a good display :D I was thrilled during the week to find green shoots on a fuchsia that I thought had succumbed to the cold winter. Its about 30 years old and really beautiful so I am very happy it survived :D

  2. They are beautiful and have quite an impact. I've read that you should pull off the pollen anthers. They say it makes them last longer and there's less chance of staining from the dropping pollen. We do the same thing with the amaryllis blooms.