Thursday, 13 May 2010

Gone postal

My little nephew is one this weekend. I like giving books as gifts, and all his older siblings got books last Christmas, but he got a little cardigan. And he's getting another one for his birthday. I bought this wool to knit myself a sloppy Aran jumper, but I knew I'd have enough to knit George a little jacket. There was a slight hiccup on the way, when I didn't discover till after I'd knit the hood that I had assembled it the wrong way -  I'd put a front, a sleeve, a back, a front and a sleeve. But even after ripping back, I still managed to get it in the post this morning before work.

Because I was in a hurry to get to the PO before work, I didn't get to take any pictures of the lovely reflections in the river - it was a still morning, with some blue sky and cloud. I did get to watch a swan flying down the river - a lovely sight.
Here's George in his Christmas cardigan - he's a real cutie!

And this is the card I made yesterday, to stick in with it. I'm out of practice with cards for little ones now that even the next youngest is seven.


  1. oh Sabrina!! it's darling! I LOVE the colors!! ok, I expect to see pics of the river, swans, blue you get the chance!!
    I wish I could knit like this..I'm too chicken!
    George is the cardigan! and you already know I loved the card *wink*
    hugs from across the pond!

  2. That's one lucky, and cute, little boy. Dawn is right about those colors. You made a great choice with that. And the card is wonderful. It's easy to see your creativity brings such joy to everyone.