Monday, 31 May 2010

More post-rain photos

Just a few more photos from Saturday - including one poor very waterlogged bumblebee.

This plant was so full of water around the stem - almost two inches. The pair of opposing leaves grows as one piece from the stem, and then splits into two, so it makes a perfect water container.

Poor bedraggled Mr. Bee

Sunday was much better weather. Plan A had been to do the Cliff Walk from Bray to Greystones, but I think C is still getting over his abscess, infection and two lots of antibiotics, so for a less energetic plan B we went to Mount Usher gardens, taking advantage of being so much nearer than usual. Still haven't uploaded my photos, so they will follow later on this week. I was so pleased that we got to see the Handkerchief Trees in flower, I haven't managed that for more than twenty years.


  1. More beautiful photos to enjoy. Poor Mr. Bee. Now you have piqued my interest in Handkerchief Trees. Can't wait to see those.

  2. Beautiful pictures Sabrina, I hope Mr Bumble bee got over his soaking. I'll sure look in to see the pictures of the handkerchief tree, I planted one in our garden about 6 years ago but so far no blooms. I think it takes a few years for them to appear.

  3. I love that handkerchief tree! and Mount Usher is beautiful any time of year :) I saw a handkerchief tree in a garden just recently, in full display (feels a bit odd to say in flower) - I wish I could remember where it was...