Friday, 28 May 2010

Bits and Pieces

Bella is our other charge this week. Another rescue dog, but she must have a lot of Rottweiler in her. She's as beautiful, in looks and nature, as her name suggests, although now she's getting to be an old lady and a bit stiff and slow.

The bracken is growing just beside one of the water-features in the garden, and was beautifully backlit the other night.

We haven't seen many birds apart from starlings and sparrows - a great tit, that's about it. One of the bird feeders is almost totally hidden in a tree now that the leaves have grown, and it's funny to see the sparrows flying in to the tree, then a whole lot of rustling leaves and out they fly again. When we were out last night we saw swifts nesting in the eaves of a house down the road. To make up for the lack of variety outside my aunt has a whole bunch of bird pictures and sculptures and figures, including this little robin. You can see how thick the house walls are.

This Old Man cactus is certainly old enough - I can remember it in my grandmother's house, and she died when I was eleven! It was only a few inches tall back then.


  1. Your pictures are all gorgeous, Sabrina!!! Your rescue dog looks like a real sweetie...we don't have dogs but we do have a rescue horse. She is as sweet as a dog but just a little bigger!! Awesome looking cactus, would fit right in here in central Texas!!

  2. I'm so jealous of you dog-minding out in Greystones, I have always loved it there, and it was a dream of mine to live there at one time! I love the gardens they are so full of amazing geraniums and things like Tropaeolium cos its so mild there, it always felt like being somewhere exotic! I love that little robin btw, and his friend looking over him too.

  3. You've captured those ferns beautifully. Wouldn't that make beautiful backgroud paper. There's such a freshness to it. That's a sweet little robin and an interesting scupture. We "cactus-sit" in our office for one of our teachers over the summer. It's amazing to see the progression of a plant like that when you haven't seen it in a while.