Monday, 24 May 2010

Garden Photos

Two and a half hours to get home from when I left work - the trains to Greystones just go every half hour, more or less, and I just missed one by about two minutes. I am so glad I asked to be rostered for as few days as possible this week - helped along  by the fact that we can't work at all tomorrow due to improvements being carried out. C got home in under 40 minutes - not a whole lot longer than it takes him to get home normally. Lucky him!!
Some more photos from the garden - the iris that opened up, hellebore starting to go to seed, and some little yellow poppies against a patch of forget-me-nots. The hellebore were odd, because they had anything from three to five of the seed pods per flower. I'll have to have a closer look and see why.

And one of our charges, the younger of the two dogs. She was more or less a feral dog rescued by a local charity from a hospital where she was scavenging round the kitchens for food. She's probably mostly lurcher, and even after obedience training and a dog-whisperer is still not good with other dogs (understatement!!), but she has a lovely affectionate nature.

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  1. I must say that your poppy picture has really caught my eye. I love the blurred blue background with those bright yellow flowers. How wonderful. We saw some yellow flag irises growing along the side of the road in a drainage ditch just this weekend.