Wednesday, 19 May 2010


I never did get round to uploading any more than the pictures of the Solomon's Seal and the blackbird from our last visit to Farmleigh. Time to rectify that...
I mentioned that one day I had seen the orange and pink tulips out together, and by the next time we want, whatever the blue flower is was out in full bloom too.

Isn't the colour and gloss in this hortensia magnificent!


Assuming that the volcanic ash doesn't impact flights tomorrow, we will be out in my aunt's house for over a  week, so by the next time we get to Farmleigh I expect it will have moved from spring mode into summer.


  1. Sabrina! Oh my but these pictures are amazing!!!!! Isn`t it amazing what Mother Nature bestows on us. I am sorry you have such a time commenting on my blog...I would rectify it for you if I knew what was wrong!! Hugs, Judi

  2. What a riot of color in that first picture. Such a contrast makes it so appealing. I once read you should never put blue flowers near orange - that was definitely wrong. These are wonderful pictures. What a feast for the eyes. I love this time of year. Not too warm yet and such gorgeous color!