Thursday, 20 May 2010

Feeding Time on the Duck Pond

It turned into such a glorious afternoon late in the day. After C got home from work and had had his coffee, instead of him painting the garden wall we went for a walk in the park. For once I remembered to bring some bread for the ducks. Aren't these little baby coots such ugly things. They were tiny, too, I think they must have been very young, they are still quite bald. I couldn't help wondering about the startling red heads  - could it be to make it easier for the parents to spot them? You'd think it would certainly make it easier for predators to see them. All the adults were feeding them with the breadcrumbs.

A while back in Farmleigh I saw a heron catch and eat quite a big fish. He's not above taking some bread either, though. He hove into view just as C was lamenting that there was no heron to be seen.

This mallard was giving himself a good washing, we really enjoyed watching him. Some of the pictures all you can see is the water splashing all over him  - I liked these ones when you can see his wings.


  1. lovely pics, I like the last one specially, I have never seen baby coots before, you are right, they ARE ugly! - but strangely cute too somehow :)

  2. Hmmm, do you think they're red to scare something away? They do look kind of scary, but Sabriel is right - strangely cute too. How lucky to catch the heron on film. We have one that visits the brook down the street but they fly away before I can even focus.

  3. Beautiful pictures Sabrina, only just found your blog, I love all the little ones in the spring, these chicks are lovely. I'm sitting here listening to a starling feeding her babies, by the sound of it she's lots of them.