Wednesday, 1 December 2010

December - still no change.

I've always wanted to try walking home from work through the park - but I was always thinking in terms of a pleasant summer day or a crisp autumn one, not a snowy December when I wasn't expecting it and didn't have a stick. After waiting half an hour for C I gave up and started walking - 1 3/4 of an hour. After 3 hours in the car he still hadn't even reached O'Connell Bridge, and he parked the car and also walked home. Now he's planning an early start in the morning to retrieve the car so it doesn't get clamped. I hate to say I told him so, but when it started snowing heavily at lunch time I suggested it would be better to leave the car in work than have to abandon it on the way home.
At least I got a few OK photos  - OK given the low light levels. And I saw a huge herd of deer, making the most odd noise - a mixture between the sound of a flock of gulls and dogs gently barking - it was a real plus on the walk.

Waiting on the quays

Papal Cross in the park

Traffic in the park!!!

Traffic on the motorway

(I wanted to take a shot like this when the SCS photo challenge was Night Life, but it was rainy all that week and I was just starting my cough. I didn't have a tripod tonight, obviously, but I just balanced it on the bridge. Hope I haven't set my cough back after that trek!)

There may be a couple more photos tomorrow - I took some in work, but for now I am for bed.


  1. Glad you're home safe and sound. Looks like you made the best of your journey by the pictures you were able to get. We had such a dark and dreary rainy day today. Hard to believe it's December already.

  2. What do you mean "okay" photos? These are stupendous!! I love the twilight photos. Your snowfall must've been pretty heavy for hubby to have to vacate and leave the car. I hope you are feeling better!