Thursday, 9 December 2010

Pigeon Holes

I know I posted a similar photo of a pigeon in one of the drainage holes along the quays before. But this one is puffed up so much in an effort to stay warm that it's almost comical. He looks like a clown wearing a ruff.

Time to introduce our current robin to mealworms - he seemed to like them.

Thank goodness a thaw seems to be on the way. I just hope it lasts longer than some forecasts are suggesting.


  1. Sabrina, your pigeon photo is superb. I would definitely frame that one. And what a sweet robin. I hope his feet aren't too cold!

  2. I love the pigeon picture also! What great composition.

    Our robins have just shown up...they visit from winter to early spring and love feasting on my beauty berry bush just outside my kitchen window. They fatten up on it and weigh the branches down.

    Hope you are warmer this weekend.

  3. Phenomenal bird photos, Sabrina! Speaking of birds, I LOVE the adorable pop-up penguin card you sent to me! Thank you, dear friend!