Thursday, 30 December 2010

Christmas Day

Christmas Eve night was COLD! We got to Delgany and back safely, although some of the motorway coming home was a bit hairy, and the windscreen washer was frozen up the whole way in spite of the fact that there was quite a high concentration of screenwash in it. Not high enough, obviously. With that cold, dry night Christmas Day was beautiful and frosty and sunny. C was battling with a cold, and we didn't feel like taking the car out, but at some stage he decided he was up for a short walk across the green just to enjoy the scenery. Once we were out, we walked down to the Twelfth Lock and then back along the canal. Boxing Day was warmer, no frost and grey, so we were really glad we'd got out on Christmas Day.
Morning, end of our road

Out walking

Footprints on the canal.

We presumed these were also some type of print, which snow or loose crystals had then drifted around. Except that even most birds don't seem to put one foot right in front of the other, and there were places where we saw a similar formation but just one or two, not a trail.

In the evening the sun tinted all those white trees at the end of the road a lovely pinky/orange.


  1. The frostiness makes everything so pretty. Dangerous too, but pretty. I love how you've captured the frost on that fleur de lis. You find the most interesting details.

  2. lovely pictures in the last two posts, everything was so bright and sparkling.

  3. I love seeing that azure sky, doesn't it just make your heart happy to see the sun shine and the vastness of our sky? That same sun is shining on us right now and we are thankful. Cold but clear!

    Happy New Year, dear Sabrina! May it be filled with health for you and C. And time to explore the majesty of God's creation. And artful creativity.

  4. Your winter scene photos are superb, Sabrina! There is so much beauty in our world, and you are fortunate to have the talent to capture it in your photography. Beautiful!