Wednesday, 29 December 2010

A few from Christmas Eve...

...which was when I went to the park, not having checked that their were memory cards in my cameras. I have to admit I almost found the snow there too much, and was disappointed with the photos I came home with, but such as they were, here are  a few of the best.

This was just inside Castleknock Gate: normally it would be bumper to bumper traffic.

Over by one of the ponds - the one where I've often taken photos of the heron. The poor ducks didn't have much water left! And the next photo is the trees that grow around that pond.

Between the Ordnance Survey and Farmleigh - behind the lantern you can just see one of the cones they had laid out to mark the road.

And back near the gate again, a lime tree: I loved the swirl in the leaf.


  1. You're snow looks so pretty. Most of ours has blown into drifts and there's none on the trees anymore because of the wind we had. The curled leaf reminds me of one of those Victorian cones - this one being embellished with snowflakes. Lovely!

  2. I should have reread that. Of course I meant YOUR snow.