Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Bear in a Bag

When I was ordering the wool for the last jumper I knit C, they had some Bear in a Bag kits on clearance. I only got one as another would have put me into the next rate for postage, but I had fun making him over the last week, and will look out for some more wool suitable to knit another. That is even though it is so hard to keep track of the stitches in amongst all that fur; when I accidentally dropped a stitch while decreasing, it took something like 8 rows of ripping back carefully one row at a time before I ended up with the right number of stitches on the needle. He was also meant to have embroidered eyes, and there was some shaping over his nose that you were meant to embroider them on - but I took the easy option of using buttons like the little old boot buttons. He's going to an adult, so I wasn't worried about the child-safety aspect.

 He was going to a new home today, so I made him a new bag from a large envelope.

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  1. How perfectly sweet. Good that you had fun with it - makes it so much more special.