Thursday, 23 December 2010

Another mixed bag...

A few more from yesterday, a couple from today. On holidays now till the 3rd, and looking forward to a quiet Christmas. Weather permitting we are meant to be going to my aunt's tomorrow - the one whose house and dogs we looked after in May/June - and meeting my sister there. Here's hoping the snow stops overnight!!

From yesterday; a bird who didn't really belong in the cold bird miscellany, although he was pretty puffed up, what little I could see of him. I'd stopped on a corner to take a photo of snow on the berries, and as I rounded the bend I saw this little beady eye peeping out - he was snacking away on some berries growing in a little hollow in the hedge. This photo is un-cropped - blackbird and I were up close and personal.

The marina down at the Twelfth Lock, and the railway line.

Snow-ward bound, I'm snow-ward bound...

And from today - waiting 20 minutes for a bus in the morning, which then took over an hour and a quarter to get in to the city.

Pre-chilled beer, no cold room required!!

And when I got home again: you can see in the robin photo it was snowing yet again! It's not just that I need to clean the back door, although that also is true.


  1. Merry Christmas, Sabrina. I am wishing for you a joyful reunion with your family.

    Our fat robins have stripped the beauty berry in just two days. I looked out my window and could see 9 sitting there at one time.

    The Lord bless and keep you

  2. Sabrina, Merry Christmas and a safe and happy visit with your family. That blackbird certainly was keeping a wary eye on you! Enjoy your break now - I am also off until the 3rd and I'm going to try to wind down a bit. Have a wonderful holiday!