Sunday, 28 November 2010

And it's still only November

C has been busy checking the bus times for tomorrow morning, as yesterday's snow is an icy crust underneath today's fall. Like me he hates the early morning trains where you're crammed in like sardines, but our bus route has recently been extended so it has its terminus on the same road as his office. It was so beautiful this morning - we both went out to the green at the end of the road before breakfast, and met another neighbour out with his camera. He's off to Frankfurt next week  - at least he's getting acclimatised already. C went to a trade fair there one year and said he had never in his life been so cold.

Our dinner guests didn't come because of the snow, and not much chance of us going up to Dromore in the evening either, so I spent my morning discovering that it's quite possible to colour fabric with watercolour pencils. At one stage I had bought some fabric paints, but when my sister expressed an interest I gave them to her thinking I would replace them, which I never did. After stamping I stretched my fabric on an embroidery hoop to keep it taut, and used Caran D'Ache Neocolour crayons to colour the images in. Keeping the brush quite dry there was very little bleeding, and I'll definitely be trying this again.

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  1. The crystallization of the snow in your close-ups reminds me of the iron filings in that old children's toy with the magnet. The one with the guys face under the plastic and you used a magnet to move the filings around to give him a moustache or beard. Anyway - the snow is much prettier! And I love the way your experiment turned out.