Tuesday, 21 December 2010

And still it snows...

We have a CD by The 2nd Chapter of Acts called The Roar of Love, based on The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. It has some lovely songs in it, but the one that comes to mind at the moment is the track Christmas, where are you:
Oh Christmas, where are you,
The snow keeps hangin'
On and on and on and on.
You never come and it always snows,
We can't take much more white snow...

We're lucky in that we are staying here for Christmas and don't need to travel, but my sister has the turkey for her in-laws and is now starting to think that they may not make it up to Dublin, and a lot of people are going to wish it wasn't a white pre-Christmas week! England is suffering a lot more than we are, but there were no flights out of Dublin for several hours today.

On our road - a neighbour shovelling, but at the rate the snow fell he should have saved his efforts for tomorrow!  I think they bought two snow shovels  - we may be going down to borrow one tomorrow.

This is what the end of the road looked like just a couple of hours later

This was earlier in the morning - the sky was still dark from the eclipse, I think, although I didn't venture out to a point where I could see the moon. I settled for enjoying the look of the light snowfall on a roof.


  1. You captured the essence of cold with these pictures, Sabrina! Burrr...hope you have a nice warm fire, and cozy nook, and a
    steaming cup of tea. I've never asked, what is your favorite

    I am going to brew my cuppa now...I love double Earl Grey

  2. Snow's melted today, at least in D13. Thanks for all your beautiful photos, your birds always cheer me up. And the hydrangea photo too. I like them, not the ones the look like pink cauliflowers, but the ones where the flowers not as tightly together.
    Happy New Year!