Monday, 13 December 2010

Swan Lake

 I was lucky enough to have another trip to Birr today. In a way it's a pity C's meeting last week was cancelled, because it would have been beautiful in the snow, but a nightmare to get there. This morning was a cold frosty morning and a beautiful drive down, although almost as soon as we crossed into Offaly it seemed to get milder and less frosty. More will follow, but as we were up in Lisburn for the weekend an early bed is called for tonight.
I spent too long sitting on a bench near the lake watching the swans and ducks, and got too cold - but I still think it was worth it. Shame I can't add a sound track  - as well as the honking of the ducks there was a little warbling whistle, for all the world just like a referee's whistle blown softly. I only heard it when I saw the moorhens around, but since I've often seen them and never heard that sound before that could have been pure coincidence. I also had fun watching all the goldfinches and chaffinches, along with coal, blue and great tits. But alas, as I only made a definite decision to go just ten minutes before C wanted to leave, I forgot to pack his spotting scope in my bag.

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  1. "All through the winter, he hid himself away. Afraid to show his face. Afraid what others might say. All through the winter, in his lonely clump of weeds... til a flock of swans spied him there and very soon agreed - "You're a very fine swan indeed!"" No ugly ducklings here.