Friday, 3 December 2010

Mixed bag...

Well, I am glad that week is over. Between C getting up earlier every morning and the long walk on Wednesday I am ready for a quite relaxing weekend.
I spotted this lovely snowman on the way to the bus stop this morning.

I've been amazed to see all the leaf-fall on the snow. I suppose that normally by the time we get any snow there are no leaves left to fall. I missed the chance to take a photo earlier in the week, but saw these on the way home today.

Not forgetting the birds - these were taken through the back porch door, so slightly dulled by the glass. Once it got so cold I hung out the suet treat holder for high-energy feed - the bluetit obviously likes it.


  1. That is a lovely snowman. I especially like the buttons. I bet the birds are very thankful for the extra treats.

  2. I checked here for snow photos and wasn't disappointed. I noticed about the leaves too. But there weren't as many here as you had in your second photo.