Sunday, 19 December 2010

An odd pair

Robin au naturel, from Birr last week:

And from the sublime to the ...The photo challenge on SCS this last week was snow white. Hmm - all our snow has melted. There are some dirty muddy piles still in work where it was cleared from the yard, but that's not white by any stretch of the imagination. And the light dusting we had on Friday night was pretty, but not really enough to turn anything white, and luckily not enough to cause any traffic problems. We are still having our water cut at night in rotation through several areas. It was meant to be back on at 7 this morning. At 9.30 I rang the out-of-hours number and got a recorded message saying it would be back at 11. I was annoyed with myself because all week I'd meant to check if we had another scheduled outage and when it would be, and I kept forgetting.
Anyway, back to my photo - the challenges are meant to be current photos taken after the challenge is posted, so I used some lateral thinking and pulled out this old Pepys card game which belonged to my mother when she was young. It was issued in 1938, so just the year after the film came out.  They even say By Permission Walt Disney - Mickey Mouse Ltd, so he wasn't just Walt Disney plain and simple back then.  I think I remember my mother saying it was the first film she saw, and she was really frightened by the Wicked Queen. I don't think I can remember the first film I ever saw. I know that for my half-brother it was Oliver, because my mother said he spent most of the time looking backwards watching the light coming from the projector.


  1. I still can't watch Snow White, I really hate that queen especially when she turns into the old woman - even the thought of her makes me go cold inside - just shows the power of film on young imaginative minds!

  2. I can't get over the long legs of your robin. At least they appear to be long compared to most of the birds of the same body size here. I think they suit him quite nicely - and I love the look of the vest.

    I don't remember my first movie either, but I applaud your thinking outside the box.